This Is Some One-Percenter Stuff, Right?

Who travels the country for an entire year? Those aloof upper-crusters are at it again!

Au contraire, my fellow commoners. Hailey and I talked this idea over for several months, always falling on the same hurdle you’re imagining: the irresponsibility of quitting our jobs and squandering our savings. Hell, I’m only two years removed from going broke after trying to launch a company… I can’t afford to play these kinds of games.

Except, that was a concern seen through the lens of a summer-length trip; a three-month hustle around America. Then one day, we had an epiphany — and like all worthwhile epiphanies, it was thanks to math.

  1. The average New Yorker’s daily commute is 45 minutes, ergo 90 minutes round-trip
  2. We can do our jobs remotely
  3. A practical route around the entire U.S. is well under 20,000 miles
  4. A 10-month trip covering 20,000 miles would require less than 70 miles per day of driving
  5. 70 miles per day in a car is rarely going to take anywhere near 90 minutes
  6. 2 people sharing driving responsibilities frees up 50% of the travel time to work

Which means…

By extending this trip to a near-year-long venture, we are actually giving our employers back an extra 45+ minutes of availability every single day. Everybody freaking wins.

Think about that though: if you commute to work, odds are pretty good that you’ll spend as much time in your car this year as it would take to circle our fair nation. Point is, you can figure this out too. Don’t let you tell yourself otherwise.

For those of you who were actually hoping to learn about the ways of one-percenter camping today, I apologize. You can always check this embarrassment out though… it’s good for an angry fist shake or two.